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Easily locate visible wireless networks and corresponding information
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Wi-Fi Scanner can provide information about available wireless connections. The application has a very nice and straightforward interface, in which a series of tabs allows accessing information about all available networks, current connection only and wireless statistics. Fortunately, this data is available not only as a chart but also in graphical form. Although the tool is extremely easy to use, you can benefit from consulting its online documentation.

In regards to available connections, the first tab shows such information as network name, signal strength, MAC address, channel, maximum data rate, security mode and type of encryption. Moreover, there are several filters according to signal quality, network mode, security type and band. The second tab, in turn, provides detailed information about the current connection along with real-time graphs of signal strength and quality. Finally, there’s a third tab that displays wireless statistics, with the possibility of visualizing activity of both MAC and PHY layers.

All in all, Wi-Fi Scanner helps you manage wireless connections more efficiently than the operating system’s built-in tool. Actually, the program doesn’t allow doing much about wireless networks apart from getting plenty of info. However, there are some actions you can perform, such as connecting to or disconnecting from a network as well as removing a specific network or clearing the entire list of available connections. In addition, it lets you generate reports of the usage.

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  • It’s easy to use
  • It shows plenty of information about available wireless networks


  • It can’t manage passwords for protected networks
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